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Monday, December 5, 2011

Uggs Are On Her List

Well, the weather has finally caught up with the season for us Austinites.  Time to pack away those flip flops and bundle those little piggies up for the winter!  What better way to treat your feet than in a pair of cold-weather-classic Uggs???  We know, we know, they aren't the most aesthetically pleasing shape in the world, but they are the cosiest, the softest, the most comfortable winter shoe in the universe!!  If you aren't a believer, you clearly have not walked up and down the aisles of the Armadillo Christmas Bizarre for hours on end only to realize that your feet were completely happy and content to keep on trucking through your Christmas list!  Once you go Ugg, you won't go back. 

Check out the styles we are offering this year in extremely limited sizes:
OMG Sparkles!!!
Also available in black!

Detachable sweater detail

Friday, December 2, 2011

WHOA! Give me these pants!!!

I know we JUST posted yesterday about the fabulous textured skinnies and leggings that are on sale right now, not to mention right on trend, but everyone on staff is FREAKING out over two new denim styles that arrived today.  
First, let's talk about leather trim as a hot new trend.  No, we can't all throw down $1000 on a deliciously luxurious pair of sleek leather leggings.  We work hard for the money, know what I mean???  What we all can get down with is leather trim updates on tried and true styles.   

Check out this Joe's Collection sweatshirt with the perfect little leather triangle trim dressin' it up fancy-like.

 And....drum roll please...these SICK Joe's petite fit skinnies with leather trim.  Yes, leather. Trim.  Leather up the side seams, leather belt loops, and a delicate little leather pocket in front.  

And last, but obviously not least, this adorably quirky pair of Current/Elliott plaid stiletto skinnies also arrived today.  I think we all know that patterned pants and jeans are a major trend right now, but doing it right is sooo important.  Throw these on with a comfy Joe's sweater or Splendid cowl neck slouchy top and a Marc bag.  Hip nerdy!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tis the Season for Textured Jeggings!

Velvet leggings and corduroy jeggings popped up every this holiday season.  The weather is getting crisp and we are breaking out the layers.  Update your winter wardrobe with some velvet jeggings or corduroy flares, layer last year's tops and sweaters, and you will look just as dashing as Kim K. and, er, that chick from the Disney Channel who is wearing my FAVORITE J Brands for this season (below).
Take 30% off your purchase of velvet or cord pants until Sunday!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday & Beyond!

We may not have recovered from our turkey comas yet, but we are here and ready to offer you some spectacular shopping deals today (although we did not open at midnight, and we will still be closing by 8...)

Here is what we are offering this weekend.  Pretty sweet deals on extremely sweet merchandise!!

See you @ the Blue!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Groupon Holiday Gift Guide!

Hmmmm...what to use that handy Groupon on....

Here is a list of our favorite easy holiday gift ideas (if you are generously gifting your Groupon, that is.  We wouldn't judge you for splurging on a little gift for yourself):

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rain, rain, don't go away!!

While it may be tempting to wish away weather that keeps your frizz up and your makeup drifting downward (major humidity, people), do not despair!  Also, we are in a major drought.  Just sayin'...
We have the must-have frizz-and-oil-fighters that will keep you looking like perfectly powdered and coiffed all day!

Let's talk about that hair.  Major frizz will get you down, ladies.  Here are some of the amazing frizz-fighters we have on hand in our apothecary:

-The original Moroccanoil:  Rub a couple drops of this serum between your palms until warm and apply sparingly to your hair, especially on the ends.  Frizz free!!!
-Straight line by Bumble and bumble:  Shampoo your hair with this lovely sulfate-free cleanser to reduce frizz before it begins.  Use the coordinating conditioner to further tame those tresses.  Here's the secret.  Next, combine Thickening Hairspray with Straight Blow Dry for lasting hold and volume.  Spray the hairspray all over first, especially at the roots.  Follow with the blow dry cream, then blow hair dry section by section with a flat brush.  Finish with a flat iron.

As for your pretty little faces, it's all in the primer.  Yes, even the most minimalist of makeup users must, must, must apply primer before their makeup!!  This is what separates the femme fatales from the fatally oily.  Here are some of the hardest working, most amazing primers we have tried:

-Smashbox Photo Finish Light:  It's award-winning for a reason, people.  This primer is water-based and contains oil-absorbing technology to keep you looking matte all day long.  MUST HAVE!!

-Caudalie Vinopure Matte Finishing Fluid:  While not technically a makeup primer, this wonderboy oil absorber goes right to the source of shine-- imbalanced skin.  Think of this as combating that nasty oil before it even has a chance.  Apply to clean skin all over, or just the T-zone.  Apply makeup.  Know what it feels like to go all day without running to the ladies to powder your shiny, shiny nose.